Centre for Initiatives in Science and Environment Education (CISEE) is an initiative of Disha for Education Development, an organization working for improving bench marks in formal and informal education. CISEE is located in Bangalore, Karnataka (India).
Sheelu Rao, Founder, has a rich and varied educational experience including that of heading an alternate school. She has been providing consultancy and support to schools, individuals, organizations interested in initiating and promoting practices that contribute to meaningful education with a strong focus on pre-school and primary education.
Hita Unnikrishnan, Environment Education programme Leader, is an International Climate Champion (selected by British Council and TERI). Her work is directed towards empowering youth and children to take the lead in protecting and conserving the nature around us.  
She is also the Partnership Coordinator for the Indian Youth Climate Network (www.iycn.org) which works with several grassroot projects involving the community and impacting the social sector. She has presented papers at various national and international conferences and has been featured in a BBC documentary on energy efficiency.  
CISEE's work is supported by Centre For Development Education, India (www. cdeindia.in), an organization working on Global perspectives through international linkages in the areas of Development Education and Sustainable Development.
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