Green Team Programme
Khoj Elementary Science Programme (KESP)  
The Khoj Elementary Science Programme (KESP) is a school-based programme. CISEE works closely with science teachers, school administrators , policy makers to impact their beliefs and practices in adopting a ‘Minds On; Hands On’ approach. CISEE offers professional development sessions to them on a sustained basis to implement this approach. We offer training sessions to science teachers of minimum 30 hours in a year on Hands on learning, questioning skills, collaborative work and inquiry approach.  
In pre-schools and early elementary classes (Grade 1 and 2), CISEE provides the teachers with activities/experiments and trains them in adopting this approach for young children. For the middle and upper elementary grades, CISEE supports schools to adopt activities that complement or supplement the school curriculum. Assessment strategies are developed to find out the impact of this approach on cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of children.  
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