To organize community - based  ‘Minds  On;  Hands  On’ programmes in science
  and environment education for Children of 5-12 Years.
To  provide  support   to  schools  in  designing  and  implementation  of  ‘Minds 
  on; Hands On’ curriculum.
To  organize  professional  development  sessions for  educators  /  policymakers 
  / administrators for incorporating ‘Minds On; Hands On’ approach .
To undertake research on different facets of science and environment education.
To advice and support organizations involved in similar vision.
To  act  as  a nodal  center  for  collection and dissemination of new initiatives in
  the teaching and learning of science and environment education in Grade K-7.
To create a platform for sharing of new initiatives .
To  write  and  develop  curriculum  to promote ‘Minds on; Hands On’ experience
  for grade K-7.
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