Khoj ‘Minds On; Hands On’ Science Programme (KMHSP)  
This programme is a community - based outreach programme conducted from different locations. We offer this programme for 5-12 year old children once a week. Children explore and experiment using very simple and easily available materials on a wide range of topics from physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, etc. through inquiry approach .  
Air, water, static electricity, kitchen science, heat, electricity , magnetism are some of the topics explored through Hands On activities.  
Our programmes are interwoven with fun, exploration / experimentation and learning. The KMHSP program is either after school hours or during the weekends from our centre as well as from different centers.  
CISEE ties up with activity centres, preschools, apartment blocks, libraries, schools, etc. for conducting its programme.  
The KMHSP modules offered by us range from 6 - 10 weeks of 'Hands on' experience.  
Special modules are offered during the summer and winter vacation.  
CISEE also conducts workshops on a range of science related topics, organizes lectures, calls eminent science personalities to talk to children and takes children on visits to places of scientific interest.  
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